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and did i mention l love tattooing roses?

Recent Japanese projects

Some recent Shenanigans

Japanese Styled Tattooing

Ive always been heavily influenced by the timeless look of the traditional japanese tattooing. It has such strong imagery, smooth flowing backgrounds, and stands alone by itself. I would say that i am not a traditional japanese tattooer, but i like to take the themes, imagery, and over all style, to help tell a story with the designs i make. I would love to do a lot more of this.

snake, skull and peonies

snake, skull and peonies

Black and gray

Black and gray styled tattooing is something i really enjoy doing. It can have so many different ways it can go. I truly believe that there are times when you just cant get the same affect from color. The rich tones, the soft shading, the crisp contrast, it just has a look of class to it that will never go out of style.



chain mail

chain mail

Saltwater Tattoo Supply


I am very proud and honored to say that my machines are now available for purchase exclusively through
saltwater Tattoo Supply

Tim Hendricks is constantly contributing to the tattoo industry with his love and passion for the trade! His tattoos are unmatched, his artwork is inspiring, his handmade tattoo machines are a must for any serious Tattooer, and his overall outlook on life, family, and friends, is what makes this man a true gentleman and great human being. I am truly Blessed and honored to call him friend, and it is because of this that I am proud to be associated with him and the reputation he has worked so hard to establish And truly deserves. Do yourself a favor and head on over to
saltwater tattoo supply
and grab yourself some of the original tattoo pens , some great needles, books, clothing, artwork , or maybe even a brand new handmade tattoo machine.

Votary Media

My good friend Jed, of
Votary Media
, came by the workshop the other day while i was working on some machines. He is a stand up guy and an incredibly talented visionary. This little video is the result. Im very proud to say that Mack Machines are handmade, one at a time. Im very thankful for the tattooers who have shown their support, and use these tools.

jedidiah burdick


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