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Mmmm flowers.

I really enjoy tattooing all kinds of flowers. Roses however are smog my favorites.


In the skin

Heres a few of the latest tattoo projects Ive been working on, some of which are in progress.

Some recent machine builds.


A few new paintings Ive been working on.

Idle hands

For those of you that werent aware, i had an accident back on Aug. 1st. while in hawaii for the Pacific ink and art expo. On the first day on the island, i shattered my leg while cliff diving. (For the whole story, visit While in recovery over the last couple months, i was able to draw every day. I even got a few pieces of artwork done. Its been a long process; a few months spent trapped in a wheelchair, then finally to crutches, and now learning to walk with a cane. The last couple weeks ive been able to spend bouncing around more between the tattoo shop, physical therapy, and the machine shop. It really is nice to get back to building again. Ill be booking apts again toward the end of January. keep an eye out here as Ill be keeping this updated. Heres a few things ive been up to.

One-off customs

Ive been pretty busy as of late, between managing things at the shop, tattooing my clients, and building some machines. Ive spent most of my building time doing what i like most; getting creative with some custom on-off machines. Heres a few i thought id share with you for now. More to come.

Some recent shenanigans


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